• Multi-Risk Policies and Finding Coverage for the Consequences of Faulty Workmanship

    Fillmore Riley LLP, Manitoba, December 14, 2020 –The extent to which the “faulty workmanship” exclusion operates to remove from coverage damage closely related to such work has long vexed insurers, policyholders and the courts. Earlier this year, the Alberta Court of Appeal considered such an issue in Condominium Corporation No. 9312374 v Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, 2020 ABCA 166. At issue...
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  • Videoconference witnessing and executing of legal documents during a pandemic

    Fillmore Riley LLP, Manitoba, October 26, 2020 –A crucial aspect of a lot of legal work — the execution of prescribed documents — has long involved face-to-face contact because of prescribed witnessing requirements. While our team of lawyers has remained available to attend to crucial in-person document executions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic while respecting physical distancing rules, this face-to-face signing was not...
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  • Defending Class Action Claims in Canada.

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, CBM LLP, Cox & Palmer, Donati Maisonneuve, Fillmore Riley LLP, Kelly Santini LLP, Lindsay LLP, McKercher LLP, Stein Monast, SVR Lawyers, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, October 05, 2020 –COVID-19 has brought about a significant increase in class action claims across Canada.  The 10 member law firms of RMC have extensive experience defending claims from coast-to-coast. For contact lawyers in each province and to view our collective experience defending class claims and advising on coverage opinions, please click here – RMC Class Actions Experience
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  • Waiving liability for COVID-19 exposure

    Fillmore Riley LLP, Manitoba, September 25, 2020 –With fall just around the corner, we are seeing the potential return of many sporting activities that were cancelled in March. Along with this comes unprecedented liability issues for organizations that run such activities. COVID-19 has inspired organizations to re-examine their procedure for liability waivers, and to seek advice as to whether or not they...
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