• Webinar – Working Effectively with External Counsel

    Kelly Santini LLP, McKercher LLP, Ontario, Saskatchewan, October 29, 2019 – At some point on many insurance claims, a decision must be made to bring in external counsel. In this YRMC Boot Camp webinar, insurance lawyers Robert Affleck and Kamara Willett from McKercher LLP in Saskatchewan and Jennifer Therrien from Kelly Santini LLP in Ottawa, provide a series of helpful recommendations on how to work most...
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  • Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Releases Important Decision on Contribution Between Parties who Helped Cause a Plaintiff’s Loss

    McKercher LLP, May 27, 2019 – The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal recently released an important decision regarding losses caused by multiple parties: Sound Stage Entertainment Inc v Burns (Sound Stage). In Sound Stage, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal held that under Saskatchewan’s Contributory Negligence Act (the Saskatchewan Act), a defendant can claim contribution towards payment of the plaintiff’s damages from others...
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  • Discovered damage: Bylaw coverage and the principles in Roth v Economical Mutual Insurance Co.

    McKercher LLP, February 20, 2019 – Prospective property owners are often drawn to older buildings for their charming facades or classic architectural features. Those same owners are likely aware that their charming old buildings were not built to current building code or bylaw standards.  For that reason, savvy property owners will often choose to purchase bylaw insurance coverage. Read More
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  • Almost A Sweet Deal: The Supreme Court Of Canada’s Decision In Moore V Sweet

    McKercher LLP, January 21, 2019 – When Mr. Lawrence Moore died, he left behind a messy legal issue for his surviving spouse and ex-wife to deal with: Who gets the life insurance proceeds? This legal dispute made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada, which took this opportunity to review the law regarding unjust enrichment in its decision in Moore v...
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