• Good Strategies for Bad Faith and Moral Damages Claims – Webinar Recording

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, Cox & Palmer, McKercher LLP, Newfoundland & Labrador, Ontario, Saskatchewan, October 20, 2022 –RMC – Bad Faith and Moral Damages Claims Hand-Out Recorded October 19, 2022 Accusations of Bad Faith can arise in many different types of insurance claims. Sometimes, insurance claims handlers and adjusters can find themselves dealing with claims for punitive damages or moral damages made against themselves or their insured. In this webinar, insurance lawyers...
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  • Workers’ Compensation: Secondary Injuries and the Statutory Bar

    McKercher LLP, Saskatchewan, June 20, 2022 –Accidents happen. Even for the most diligent of employers, some workplace injuries cannot be avoided. Luckily, the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (“WCB”) provides no-fault insurance that benefits both workers and employers. The Historic Trade-Off The WCB regime balances the interests of both the workers and employers. It has been described by the Supreme Court of...
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  • Update on Changes to Limitation Periods During COVID-19 in Each Canadian Province

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, CBM LLP, Cox & Palmer, Donati Maisonneuve, Fillmore Riley LLP, Kelly Santini LLP, Lindsay LLP, McKercher LLP, Stein Monast, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, January 27, 2022 –COVID-19 led to the suspension of limitation periods in many Canadian provinces.  Below you will find the details on how the pandemic impacted limitation periods in each province. Updated January 2022 Alberta Suspension of Limitation Periods During COVID-19 in Alberta In Alberta, limitations were suspended from March 17, 2020 to June 1, 2020, pursuant to...
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  • Insurance claims, court procedures & trials: What to expect in 2022 – Webinar Recording

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, Lindsay LLP, McKercher LLP, Stein Monast, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, January 14, 2022 –Over the past two years, claims handlers have been presented with all sorts of unexpected challenges and changes. What lies in store for the industry in 2022? In this webinar panel discussion, RMC lawyers review the current status of key elements of the claims settlement process, discuss what changes lie ahead in 2022, and analyze...
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