• Confidentiality Clauses: The “Pinky Promise” With a Backbone

    McKercher LLP, Saskatchewan, July 26, 2021 –Childhood was simple. You trusted your best friend with confidential information simply by swearing a “pinky promise”. In settlements, a “pinky promise” will rarely do the trick. Instead, a confidentiality clause is a more appropriate tool to stop the parties from sharing confidential information regarding a settlement. But what happens when a confidentiality clause is...
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  • Slip & Falls 101 – Webinar Recording

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, Cox & Palmer, McKercher LLP, Newfoundland & Labrador, Ontario, Saskatchewan, April 30, 2021 –Slip & falls are amongst the most common insurance claim made in Canada. While the legal framework for defending these claims varies by province, the fundamental approach to take can be applied in any jurisdiction. In this Young-RMC webinar for insurers new to litigation and working with external counsel, our panel covered: Actions to take...
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  • Insurance Claims, Court Procedures & Trials: What to expect in 2021

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, Cox & Palmer, Kelly Santini LLP, McKercher LLP, SVR Lawyers, Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, January 12, 2021 –2020 was an unpredictable, constantly changing and challenging year for everyone, including insurers trying to navigate the court system to settle claims. Will 2021 bring more changes, a return to pre-pandemic court procedures or a mix of old and new? To help insurers prepare for 2021, our panel of RMC lawyers from across Canada discuss...
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  • COVID-19 Insurance Claims Update – Webinar Recording

    Donati Maisonneuve, Lindsay LLP, McKercher LLP, SVR Lawyers, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, December 02, 2020 –COVID-19 has exposed us all to a lot of new challenges and risks. For insurers, those risks includes a number of new claims that have arisen directly from the pandemic. In this webinar, RMC lawyers from across Canada provide an update on three prevalent claims and the strategies insurers can use to defend them. Download...
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