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Good Strategies for Bad Faith and Moral Damages Claims – Webinar Recording

October 20, 2022

RMC – Bad Faith and Moral Damages Claims Hand-Out

Recorded October 19, 2022

Accusations of Bad Faith can arise in many different types of insurance claims. Sometimes, insurance claims handlers and adjusters can find themselves dealing with claims for punitive damages or moral damages made against themselves or their insured. In this webinar, insurance lawyers from Ontario, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland & Labrador cover strategies for preventing Bad Faith claims and how to respond when a claim is made.

Topics covered will include:

Part 1 – Bad Faith Claims Against Insurers

  • What is Bad Faith and what are the insurer’s obligations to their insured?
  • How insurers can prevent accusations of Bad Faith and steps to take if a Bad Faith claim is made in:
    • Property loss claims
    • Disability claims
    • Personal injury claims
  • Punitive damage awards for successful Bad Faith claims

Part 2 – Bad Faith Claims In Context: Employment Law Claims

What types of bad faith claims are most frequently encountered in employment law claims against employers?
Defending against bad faith claims against employers and strategies for reaching a resolution.

The webinar concludes with a review of relevant case law examples from across Canada.

Presented by:

Neala Kielley
Cox & Palmer
St. John’s

David Leck
Blaney McMurtry LLP

Kit McGuinness
McKercher LLP

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