• Facing Future Care, Capacity and Earning Claims – Webinar Recording

    CBM LLP, Cox & Palmer, Kelly Santini LLP, Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, November 16, 2022 –Disagreements over future earnings, future capacity and future cost of case can be major stumbling blocks when trying to settle a claim. In the webinar for insurance claims handlers and adjusters, RMC lawyers from New Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta discuss the principles used to assess these claims, recent trends in awards from the courts and...
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  • The Applicability of the Absolute Pollution Exclusion Clause in Canada

    CBM LLP, Alberta, August 29, 2022 –The “absolute pollution exclusion” clause contained within CGL policies has historically been limited to “preclude coverage for the cost of government-mandated environmental cleanup under existing and emerging legislation making polluters responsible for damage to the natural environment.”[1] While the case law is not settled on the matter, it appears the Courts have recently broadened the...
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  • Changing Sides: The Ins & Outs of Pursuing a Subrogation Claim – Webinar Recording

    CBM LLP, Donati Maisonneuve, Alberta, Quebec, June 09, 2022 –Insurance claims handlers and adjusters are accustomed to defending claims. But there is another side to insurance claims which involves acting as the plaintiff to recover funds paid out to an insured from a liable third party. These subrogation claims have different challenges and risks that must be understood and considered if they are going...
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  • Handling Claims Involving Uninsured, Under-Insured and Unknown Motorists – Webinar Recording

    CBM LLP, Cox & Palmer, Kelly Santini LLP, Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, May 06, 2022 –Click below to download the slides. RMC – Handling Claims with Uninsured, Under-Insured and Unknown Motorists Insurance claims involving uninsured motorists bring up numerous legal issues and claims management steps not found in other MVA claims. Whether it is an accident involving your own insured who is denied coverage or an accident involving another driver...
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