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Modern Approaches to Old Remedies – Recent Developments in Relief Against Forfeiture – Webinar Recording

June 23, 2021

In recent years, plaintiff counsel have been increasingly applying to the Courts for relief from forfeiture when their client’s insurance claim has been denied. In this RMC webinar, lawyers from across Canada explain when relief from forfeiture can be granted by the Courts and how insurance adjusters and claims handlers should handle files that could meet the test for relief.

Specific topics covered in the presentation include:

    • What is relief from forfeiture and how did it become a part of each province’s insurance legislation
    • The critical rulings from the Supreme Court of Canada that established the test for relief from forfeiture cases
    • The distinction between pre and post loss breaches of an insurance policy
    • Recent Court decisions and their impact
    • What steps claims handlers and adjusters should take when a claim may face a relief from forfeiture application

Click here to download the slides – RMC Webinar – Relief from Forfeiture Slides

Presented by:

Ryan Burgoyne
Cox & Palmer, Fredericton

Andrew Epstein
Lindsay LLP, Vancouver

Andrew Loewen
Fillmore Riley LLP, Winnipeg

Recorded June 22, 2021

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