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Insurance and COVID-19 – Resources from Across Canada

April 06, 2020

RMC lawyers across Canada are preparing updates on the COVID-19 virus and its impact on the insurance industry.

For full details on our COVID-19 National Response Team, please click here.


Commercial All-Risks Property Policies and Business Losses in the Age of COVID-19
SVR Lawyers – Calgary

Update on Rules of Court and Court Closures
CBM Lawyers – Edmonton

Update on Court Procedures in light of COVID-19
CBM Lawyers – Edmonton

Does COVID-19 Give Rise to a Force Majeure Event?
SVR Lawyers – Calgary

Atlantic Canada – Cox & Palmer

Remote Work, Data Breaches and Cybersecurity Considerations during COVID-1

Force Majeure Clauses and the Doctrine of Frustration: Flattening the Liability Curve

COVID-19 Public Health Measures and Essential Services in Atlantic Canada

Manitoba – Fillmore Riley LLP

Regional Court Availability and Arbitration as an Alternative

Closure of Non-Essential Businesses in Manitoba

Regional Court Availability and Arbitration as an Alternative

Force Majeure and Frustration in Commercial Contracts, Leases and Supply Agreements

Business Insurance in a Pandemic


FAQs: Force majeure, Frustration, and COVID-19
Kelly Santini LLP – Ottawa

COVID-19: Frequently Asked Insurance Questions
Kelly Santini LLP – Ottawa

Not the Last Word: Potential Coverage Issues That May Arise From COVID-19
Blaney McMurtry LLP – Toronto

Quebec – Stein Monast

Business Interruption Part 2: Insurance Coverage For Denial of Access By Civil Authorities And Other Specialty Products

Business Interruption Part 1: Basic Insurance Coverage

Review Of Certain Damage Insurance Deadlines To Be Taken Into Account Notwithstanding The Pandemic

Covid-19 And Leaving The Insured Premises Vacant Or Unoccupied

The Credit Insurance Policy – Protection Against Non-Payment

Force Majeure In The Covid-19 Era – Overview Of Liability, Contracts And Labour Law

Saskatchewan – McKercher LLP

Will Commercial Insurance Respond To Covid-19?

COVID-19 And Force Majeure Clauses

Deciding Commercial Disputes in the Time of COVID-19

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