• Defending Liability Claims Against Nursing & Retirement Homes – Webinar Recording

    CBM LLP, Alberta, May 25, 2021 –In  this webinar recording, Debra Woodske of CBM Lawyers in Edmonton reviews the growing trend and developments in nursing & retirement home abuse claims in Canada since the COVID-19 outbreak. Debra covers: The various types of claims arising out of nursing and retirement homes, including: Abuse/neglect Breach of contract Wrongful death Negligence Medical malpractice Best...
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  • Defending Potential Liability Claims Against Insurance Brokers – Webinar Recording

    Cox & Palmer, SVR Lawyers, Alberta, New Brunswick, May 25, 2021 –As COVID-19 moves into its second year, the impact of the pandemic on insurance claims continues to build. In this webinar, RMC lawyers Domenic Venturo Q.C. of Scott Venturo Rudakoff LLP in Calgary and Stephanie Charlton of Cox & Palmer in Fredericton, discuss how liability claims against insurance brokers may progress, and how they can...
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  • Slip & Falls 101 – Webinar Recording

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, Cox & Palmer, McKercher LLP, Newfoundland & Labrador, Ontario, Saskatchewan, April 30, 2021 –Slip & falls are amongst the most common insurance claim made in Canada. While the legal framework for defending these claims varies by province, the fundamental approach to take can be applied in any jurisdiction. In this Young-RMC webinar for insurers new to litigation and working with external counsel, our panel covered: Actions to take...
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  • Section D Claims and Two Examples of Interplay with Other Policies and Statutes

    Cox & Palmer, Nova Scotia, April 19, 2021 –Click below to download the complete article. Section D Clams and Two Examples of interplay with other Statutes and Legislation Insurance policies and statutes provide for insurance claims to be brought forward in a variety of ways. Oftentimes, there are a plurality of claims happening at the same time. An insurer must identify the relationship...
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