• Confidentiality Clauses: The “Pinky Promise” With a Backbone

    McKercher LLP, Saskatchewan, July 26, 2021 –Childhood was simple. You trusted your best friend with confidential information simply by swearing a “pinky promise”. In settlements, a “pinky promise” will rarely do the trick. Instead, a confidentiality clause is a more appropriate tool to stop the parties from sharing confidential information regarding a settlement. But what happens when a confidentiality clause is...
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  • The Legal Implications of COVID-19 on the Tokyo Olympic Games

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, Ontario, July 26, 2021 –This is not a typical Olympic year. In fact, this is the first time since 1992 that the summer and winter Olympics will be held less than one year apart. In March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic stopped international sport in its tracks, resulting in the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”) announcing that the 2020 Tokyo...
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  • Manufacturers’ Defences to Product Liability Claims

    Cox & Palmer, Nova Scotia, July 26, 2021 –Product liability law is the name placed on a combination of several branches of the law, including contract, tort, government regulation, damages, and insurance. It is based on the theory that consumers rely on producers and sellers to ensure products are safe for use. This leads to a wide range of claims, issues and parties....
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  • Modern Approaches to Old Remedies – Recent Developments in Relief Against Forfeiture – Webinar Recording

    Cox & Palmer, Fillmore Riley LLP, Lindsay LLP, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, June 23, 2021 –In recent years, plaintiff counsel have been increasingly applying to the Courts for relief from forfeiture when their client’s insurance claim has been denied. In this RMC webinar, lawyers from across Canada explain when relief from forfeiture can be granted by the Courts and how insurance adjusters and claims handlers should handle files that could...
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