• Business Interruption Insurance and the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Canadian Experience

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, Ontario, March 24, 2022 –There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to some of the most contentious legal issues of our time on a global scale. Justice Belobaba, for the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, began his determination regarding a class action carriage motion by stating, “[t]he impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on business operations...
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  • How far does the insured’s duty to cooperate go?

    Stein Monast, Quebec, March 24, 2022 –Does the insured’s duty to cooperate allow an insurer to access data stored on their cellphone? The Court of Quebec recently ruled on this issue in Murray v. Promutuel de l’Estuaire, société mutuelle d’assurance générale. André Murray (“Murray”) sued his insurer, Promutuel de l’Estuaire, Société mutuelle d’assurance Générale (“Promutuel”) after his vehicle was allegedly stolen....
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  • End of benefits for loss of residual income, what a burden!

    Stein Monast, Quebec, March 24, 2022 –The Blais v. Ivari  case concerns Jacques Blais (“Blais”), a financial security advisor and insurance representative who stopped working in January 2013 due to illness. As the holder of a life and disability insurance policy (“the Policy”), he received full disability benefits, as well as benefits for loss of residual income, namely to supplement initial...
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  • Setting Up For Success: How to Conduct Effective Claims Investigations – Webinar Recording

    Lindsay LLP, SVR Lawyers, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, February 23, 2022 –The time and cost needed to effectively resolve a disputed insurance claim can be heavily influenced by the steps taken in the early stages of the file. In this RMC webinar, insurance lawyers from across Canada advise claims handlers and adjusters on the best practices to follow, and traps to avoid, when investigating a claim...
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