• Handling MVAs Involving Minor and Incapacitated Claimants – Webinar Recording

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, Lindsay LLP, SVR Lawyers, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, June 30, 2022 –Handling a typical MVA claim is routine for most insurance adjusters and claims handlers. But what happens when the accident involves an injured minor or someone incapacitated? In this YRMC webinar for new claims handlers and adjusters, RMC lawyers from Alberts, BC and Ontario review the key differences in the claims settlement process and the...
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  • Workers’ Compensation: Secondary Injuries and the Statutory Bar

    McKercher LLP, Saskatchewan, June 20, 2022 –Accidents happen. Even for the most diligent of employers, some workplace injuries cannot be avoided. Luckily, the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (“WCB”) provides no-fault insurance that benefits both workers and employers. The Historic Trade-Off The WCB regime balances the interests of both the workers and employers. It has been described by the Supreme Court of...
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  • Changing Sides: The Ins & Outs of Pursuing a Subrogation Claim – Webinar Recording

    CBM LLP, Donati Maisonneuve, Alberta, Quebec, June 09, 2022 –Insurance claims handlers and adjusters are accustomed to defending claims. But there is another side to insurance claims which involves acting as the plaintiff to recover funds paid out to an insured from a liable third party. These subrogation claims have different challenges and risks that must be understood and considered if they are going...
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  • No Restarting the Limitations Clock in Balsom v. Rideout: Settlement Privilege Trumps Alleged Confirmation

    Cox & Palmer, Newfoundland & Labrador, May 25, 2022 –In Balsom v. Rideout, 2022 NLCA 20, Cox & Palmer was successful in the appeal of a lower court decision which denied an application to dismiss the action for being commenced outside the limitation period. There were two broad issues: (1) whether an insurance adjuster’s communications were protected by settlement privilege, and (2) if not, whether they...
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