• Collecting on a Loss Following an Employee Fraud

    SVR Lawyers, Alberta, April 19, 2021 –The company should consult with its insurance broker to determine whether it has a crime policy in place that will cover losses caused by employee theft. Coverage may exist in a standalone crime policy or could be included as an insert to a property policy. Read More
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  • Whither Direct Physical Loss or Damage in Canada

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, Ontario, April 19, 2021 –The level of disruption unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic on commerce worldwide has been, indisputably, unprecedented. Canada is no exception. The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses recently estimated that more than “200,000 Canadian Business could close permanently during the COVID-19 crisis”, a figure which could grow in the event that restrictive shutdown orders continue to...
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  • Ontario Court of Appeal Breaks Tie on Statute-Barred FLA Claimants

    Kelly Santini LLP, Ontario, April 19, 2021 –In Malik v Nikbakht, 2021 ONCA 176, the Court of Appeal has resolved inconsistent lower court rulings by affirming a 2019 decision that Family Law Act claimants could not be added to an ongoing claim after the expiration of the two-year limitation period. Ontario’s Family Law Act allows family members of an injured person to...
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  • Business Interruption Insurance: Should your Case be Referred to Mediation or Arbitration?

    Stein Monast, Quebec, April 19, 2021 –In a judgment rendered January 14, 2021, the Superior Court (the Honourable Gary D.D. Morrison, J.C.S.) dismissed an application for authorization to institute a class action presented by 9369-1426 Québec Inc./Bâton Rouge (hereinafter, “Bâton Rouge”) so that it and the members of the proposed class could be compensated by Allianz Global Risk Insurance Company (hereinafter, “Allianz”)...
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