• Facing Future Care, Capacity and Earning Claims – Webinar Recording

    CBM LLP, Cox & Palmer, Kelly Santini LLP, Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, November 16, 2022 –Disagreements over future earnings, future capacity and future cost of case can be major stumbling blocks when trying to settle a claim. In the webinar for insurance claims handlers and adjusters, RMC lawyers from New Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta discuss the principles used to assess these claims, recent trends in awards from the courts and...
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  • Insurance Policies and Nominees – A Potentially Costly Risk

    Stein Monast, Quebec, October 24, 2022 –There are a number of situations which might involve the use of a nominee, such as concealing the identity of a building’s true owner. However, the use of a nominee for this purpose is not without certain risks, especially regarding matters of home insurance. The Decision The recent decision rendered by the Superior Court in...
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  • Good Strategies for Bad Faith and Moral Damages Claims – Webinar Recording

    Blaney McMurtry LLP, Cox & Palmer, McKercher LLP, Newfoundland & Labrador, Ontario, Saskatchewan, October 20, 2022 –RMC – Bad Faith and Moral Damages Claims Hand-Out Recorded October 19, 2022 Accusations of Bad Faith can arise in many different types of insurance claims. Sometimes, insurance claims handlers and adjusters can find themselves dealing with claims for punitive damages or moral damages made against themselves or their insured. In this webinar, insurance lawyers...
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  • Voluntary Payment Clauses and Pre-Tender Expenses

    Fillmore Riley LLP, Saskatchewan, September 27, 2022 –Readers of this newsletter may be aware that liability insurance policies commonly impose, by written condition, obligations on the insured to given timely notice of a claim, to cooperate with the insurer’s defence of a claim and, by way of ‘voluntary payment clause’, provide that any expense the insured may incur without the consent of...
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