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Navigating Claims with Additional Insureds – Webinar Recording

November 30, 2022

In a world of complex contractual relationships, the allocation and transfer of risk requires parties turn their minds to issues of insurance. Nowadays, both custom and standard-form contracts frequently require one party to purchase insurance for the other as a requirement of doing business.

Affording coverage to an “additional insured” is a common part of many insurance programs in the North American insurance market, and plays a vital role in commercial arrangements. With simple claims, insurers can expect effective collaboration under a united defence. However, when the additional insured might have been independently negligent, insurers are faced with a web of coverage, financial, and ethical concerns.

In this webinar, Anthony Gatensby of Blaney McMurtry LLP and Stuart Gray of SVR Lawyers guide claims handlers and adjusters through the key steps to take, and mistakes to avoid, when a claim involves additional insureds.


Click below to download the slides.

RMC – Navigating Claims with Additional Insureds – Handout

Specific topics covered in the webinar include:

  • What to look for when reviewing a certificate of insurance and additional insured endorsements.
  • What triggers coverage for additional insureds.
  • When to waive reservations on indemnity (and more importantly, when not to!).
  • How multiple policies of insurance interact with each other, including “other insurance” clauses.
  • Working with other carriers when there are concurrent defence obligations.
  • Conflicts that can arise, how to appoint defence counsel, and when to create ethical walls.
  • The commercial and practical considerations when denying claims.

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