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Defending Brain Injury Claims

June 2019 ,

Brain injury claims can be challenging, complex and high value. How they are assessed and the damages awarded are always changing and can vary from province to province.

In this webinar, RMC lawyers from across Canada share the latest insights on brain injury claims and the strategies that can be used to defend them. The presentation will cover:

- Defining brain injuries
- Assessing compensation
- Obtaining factual evidence
- Retaining and instructing an expert witness
- Investigating traumatic brain injuries
- Damage awards in different provinces

To view the webinar recording
please click here.

Recorded June 18, 2019

Presented by:

Jennifer Therrien
Kelly Santini LLP

Marie-Hélène Betournay
Stein Monast
Quebec City

Joey Palov
Cox & Palmer

Vanessa Gauthier
Lindsay LLP

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