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Defending Commercial & Social Host Liability Claims – Live YRMC Webinar

October 05, 2021

Thursday, October 28th
1:00pm – 2:15pm

After 18 months of pandemic isolation, many Canadians are once again enjoying evenings out in bars, clubs and even house parties. With this pent-up demand for late-night social connection once again being satisfied comes the return of commercial and social host liability risk. In addition to alcohol-related risks, commercial hosts must now also contend with the requirements needed to ensure a COVID safe premises for patrons.

In this YoungRMC webinar for new adjusters and claims handlers, RMC lawyers will cover the key components of commercial and social host liability claims, and the steps that should be followed to mount a successful defence.

Using influential and recent case law rulings to illustrate the range of issues involved in commercial and social host liability claims, our panel will cover:

Commercial Host Liability
Jennifer Therrien of Kelly Santini LLP in Ottawa will review the statutory and common law standard of care required by commercial hosts when serving alcohol and the requirement to provide a safe premises.

Social Hosts
Kate Kozowyk of SVR Lawyers in Calgary will discuss the standard of care required when private citizens are hosting guests in their home or employers are hosting an office party.

Practical Steps for a Successful Defence
Katherine Melnychuk of McKercher LLP in Regina will provide claims handlers and adjusters with tips and practical steps to follow when defending a commercial or social host liability claim, including preserving evidence, reviewing the premises, and finding witnesses.

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