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Webinar – Insurance Claims and Quebec’s Civil Code

May 2018 ,

Steps to Take to Avoid Problems and Resolve Claims in La Belle Province

Recorded Wednesday, June 13, 2018

To view the recording, please click here.

Civil lawEach province in Canada has its own way of managing claims through the court process. But when it comes to Quebec, the Civil Code presents insurers with a completely different set of rules and procedures than elsewhere in the country. Being unaware of the difference between Common Law and the Civil Code can be costly for claims managers and adjusters handling claims in Quebec.

In this webinar, Vincent Lemay from Stein Monast in Quebec City and Sara Gloutnay from Donati Maisonneuve in Montreal will cover the Civil Code essentials for insurers in the rest of Canada.

Topics covered will include:

  1. General principles (including Jurisdiction of Courts)
  2. Main procedures (Demand to institute proceedings, Answer, Defense)
  3. Case Protocol
  4. Defense
  5. Expert Opinions
  6. Examinations
  7. Prevention and Resolution Processes
  8. Legal costs

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