News & Events

  • RMC Seminar – Insurers Sued?! Defence & Discovery Revealed

    April 2009

    Insurers Sued?! Defence & Discovery Revealed was the subject of a dynamic seminar hosted by Risk Management Counsel of Canada [RMC], at The Advocates’ Society on the afternoon of Thursday April 23, 2009 in downtown Toronto.

    RMC’s seminar was very well received by the attendees who enjoyed the two part presentation. President, Anthony (Tony) C. Fletcher was both Master of Ceremonies and moderator for the seminar.

    The first hour was devoted to presentations by Greg Thompson, [McKercher LLP], Colin Empke, [Blaney McMurtry LLP], and Richard Lindsay, [Lindsay LLP]. The focus of the discussion was how to best prepare the Claims representative for Discovery. Panellists offered tips on how to properly document the insurer’s file, avoid pitfalls of poor language in insurance logs, risks of documenting subjective impressions of claimants, as well as the types of documents which are covered by privilege.

    The second part of the seminar was a lively and informative Mock Discovery moderated by Geneviève Cotnam, [Stein Monast LLP]. Additional participants were from Carfra & Lawton Lawyers, Chomicki Baril Mah LLP, Cox & Palmer, Fillmore Riley LLP, Kelly Santini LLP, and McKercher LLP. The exercise offered a demonstration of proper responses when under oath, and the potential consequences of inadequate preparation. Following the presentations and Q&A sessions, guests were entertained at a cocktail reception.

  • RMC Seminar – Mediation Skills & Strategies

    April 2009

    Calgary, Alberta Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Perry Sirota was the guest speaker at a seminar hosted by Risk Management Counsel of Canada [RMC], held at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, on Wednesday April 22, 2009. The subject of RMC’s afternoon event was Mediation Skills & Strategies.

    The well attended seminar also included presentations from Dean Lawton, [Carfra & Lawton Lawyers], Corinne Petersen, [Chomicki Baril Mah LLP] and Stephen Kelly, [Kelly Santini LLP]. The panel focused on various methods of alternative dispute resolution across Canada, factors to consider in weighing private versus judicial dispute resolution processes, and helpful hints in making mediation successful.

    Cocktails followed a Q&A session and were enjoyed by all.

    - PDF presentation from Dr Perry Sirota

  • CRIMS Conference – Sept. 21 to Sept. 23 2008 The Sheraton Centre

    September 2008

    Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC) was delighted to participate at the very successful 33rd RIMS-Canada conference held in Toronto, September 21 -24, 2008. There were over 2000 attendees at the conference including exhibitors, delegates and special guests. This year’s conference also featured such high profile as speakers Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Stephen Lewis.

    Many representatives from RMC member firms came from all corners of the country to attend. Tony Fletcher, RMC President from Fillmore Riley LLP in Winnipeg was on hand to greet delegates and participate at the conference exhibit hall. Among many others from RMC, he was accompanied by Vice-President Stephen Kelly from Kelly Santini LLP in Ottawa.

    By all accounts the ‘Vintage Hollywood’ theme was a great hit with the participants as was the popcorn machine draw held at the RMC booth. RMC is looking forward to the next RIMS-Canada Conference in St John’s Newfoundland in September 2009.

  • RMC Spring Event Steam Whistle Brewery

    April 2008

    Event Location : Toronto, Ontario

    Once again the sun was out for Risk Management Counsel of Canada, RMC, when they held their spring celebration event at The Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto on April 17th, 2008.

    Guests were welcomed to RMC’s version of “Canad-opoly” by a Mountie Mime, East Coast Celtic Music and a Canad-opoly game. Throughout the evening guests were treated to fabulous regionally-themed food, Steam Whistle Beer and a host of other delectable treats and drinks. At the four food and game stations guest were encouraged to play the game as well as to enjoy the various foods from across the country. For example, at the Atlantic Region station guests were invited to try freshly shucked oysters on-the-half- shell and at the Prairies station a chef was on hand to carve-up succulent Alberta beef tenderloin.

    In addition to mingling and playing the game, many who attended also took tours of the Steam Whistle Brewery. While playing the game led to the possibility of winning one of 13 different prizes, there was also an opportunity to donate to WICC, Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade.

    RMC was delighted, once again, to have an opportunity to give to WICC. Michael Butler, Chair of Chapter & Industry Relations attended the event and spoke on behalf of WICC. RMC President, Geneviève Cotnam thanked Michael Butler and spoke of the valuable work at WICC. In addition to Mr. Butler, RMC was delighted to have Lyna Newman; Secretary and Treasurer of WICC, Barbara Haynes, Chair, National Sponsorships and Steve Wilson, Chair, Media Relations for WICC attend the event.

    RMC wishes to thank WICC for their support as well as the support of all who attended.

  • RMC Regional Conference The Fairmont Hotel

    September 2007

    Event Location : Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC) held their regional seminar in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on September 20, 2007.

    Over 75 people attended an afternoon seminar entitled: Insurance Today and Legal Trends at the Fairmont Winnipeg Hotel.

    Seminar Panellists and Topics presented included:

    Stuart J. Blake, Insurance Law Partner, Fillmore Riley LLP – “Social Host Liability”

    Dr. Russ Brown, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta – “Cause-in-Fact: It is still bad news for insurers””

    Bernice R. Bowley, Insurance Law Partner, Fillmore Riley LLP – “General Damages Primer for Manitoba”

    David Thera, Insurance Law Partner, McKercher McKercher & Whitmore LLP – “Y3K: The End is at Hand – this Time for Sure”

    Larry Reimer, Insurance Law Partner, Blaney McMurtry LLP – “There is Something in the Water: Product Liability and the Year in Review”

    Following the seminar, participants were invited to a cocktail reception.

  • CRIMS Conference – Sept. 16 to Sept 19 2007 Purdy’s Wharf

    September 2007

    Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC) was a proud sponsor of the 32nd CRIMS conference held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 16-19, 2007.

    RMC enjoyed a strong presence from it’s member firm in the Atlantic Region, Cox & Palmer. RMC President, Geneviève Cotnam from the law firm of Stein Monast LLP, was also on hand to meet over 700 delegates who participated at the conference and who passed through the exhibit hall.

  • Lloyd’s of London Seminar Xchanging

    May 2007

    Event Location : London, England

    In cooperation with Xchanging, Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC) held a “Lunch and Learn” seminar May 15, 2007.

    CANADA “The True North Strong and Risky” was presented by three panels. The topics for the seminar were Host Liability, Employment Liability and Bad Faith Claims.

    The seminar at Xchanging was the centre piece of RMC’s week-long stay in London. Following the seminar, a cocktail reception was held at Lloyd’s of London.

  • RMC Charity Event The Docks

    April 2007

    Event Location : Toronto, Ontario

    Risk Management Counsel of Canada, RMC, held an impressive Gala Charity Casino event at the “Next Level” at the Docks, Toronto on April 19th, 2007 to mark their 10th anniversary.

    RMC, a national network of law firms specializing in serving the needs of the insurance industry, decided this year to break with its traditional seminar approach and hold a gala celebration. The event and the setting were a hit and even the weather cooperated as the sun shone on the first beautiful spring evening of the season. Many of the guests commented on the spectacular location and stunning views of Toronto.

    Not only did RMC celebrate its anniversary with their clients but it used the opportunity to give back to the industry that has supported its work over the past 10 years. RMC felt that the natural partner for this event would be WICC, Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade.

    Michael Butler, Chair of Chapter & Industry Relations, attended the event and spoke on behalf of WICC. After describing the wonderful work of WICC, Michael took receipt of the $10,000.00 donation cheque from RMC President, Domenic Venturo, and thanked all who attended for their generous support. RMC was also very pleased that Lyna Newman, Secretary & Treasurer of WICC and Steve Wilson, Chair of Media Relations for WICC, were able to attend the gala.

    Guests at the event were treated to an abundance of delicious food. The entertainment included a live ice carving show, a magician, a jazz band and Elvis and Marilyn impersonators. Of the many door prises given out that evening, the all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas was clearly one of the highlights.

    The event was a tremendous success and RMC wishes to thank WICC for their support as well as the support of all who attended this milestone event.